This section includes animated flash games I created at my first college, mostly using Macromedia Director and Flash.  These are simple games, so they are not considered video games that you can play on a console. Feel free to play them at your leisure.  They may not be
much, but personally, I find that the slot machines are the hardest and they sometimes keep me going for a while.  It’s the old “play till you win” phrase.  The music for some of these animation files may be a little loud, just so you know.  Oh, and it should be safe to view these files.  Again, copyright and credit goes to any original sources.

advanceThis was my first slot machine simple game I designed in college as as assignment using Macromedia Director 8.5.  The best part about it is that you can keep going whether you win or lose.  To play, simply click on the Play button.  The Reset button will reset your current score to 0.  The characters shown are from the video game Advance Wars: Dual Strike, so if you know about the game, you will know who’s good and who’s bad.  But to simplify things, the bad guys here include the red-haired people, the robot, and the old man on life support.  Landing the reels on two or three good guys will score points and landing them on two or three bad guys will subtract points.  Any score below 0 means game over, and seeing as there are four bad guys, it’s kind of easy to get.  But don’t get too frustrated!  It is actually possible to win.
Score 4000 points or more to be a winner.  The trick is to click on the Play button at a decent pace.  Credit goes to the original staff of Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

Music:  Jake’s Theme
Artist:  Yoshito Hirano
Game:  Advance Wars: Dual Strike
System:  Nintendo DS
My Highest Score:  12,000

shadowThis was another slot machine simple game I designed in my first college for an assignment.  I used Macromedia 8.5 again, but I actually presented this to the class! It is more balanced than the first, as it racks up and subtracts points in increments of 10 instead of 500 and it gives players a fair chance of winning.  Actually, winning depends on a point of view, like the video game Shadow the Hedgehog, which this game is based off of.  Click the Play button to get started and click Reset anytime you want to start over.  This time you won’t directly “lose” if your score is negative.  In fact, a negative score will lead to the dark side and a positive score will lean towards the hero side.  Think of this game as determining the path of the real game’s main character, Shadow the Hedgehog.  If your score is -4000 or lower, you’ll turn Shadow to the dark side. If your score is 4000 or more, Shadow becomes a hero.  The easiest way to score -4000 is to try to land all three reels on the character Black Doom, the evil alien with horns. There’s also a character who resets your score.  If you land all three reels on Shadow himself, you can discover his true path and who he ultimately becomes.  Credit goes to the original staff of Shadow the Hedgehog, including SEGA and Sonic Team.

Music:  “All Hail Shadow” performed by Magna-Fi
Game:  Shadow the Hedehog
Systems:  Nintendo GameCube, Playstation2, XBox
My Highest Score: 20,000

Prepare to give your mouse button a serious workout!  It’s all a game of chance! And please note that I cannot be held responsible for strained arms and aching fingers.  I’ve already been there, folks.  But if any of you can score higher on either of the slot machine games, please contact me and send me a screenshot if you can to prove it.  I scored quite
high, so I really want to know if anybody can do better.

simpleThis is a simple shooter game I designed in my first college for an assignment.  You might need Adobe Flash for this one.  It’s another game based off Shadow the Hedgehog, but this time the player moves Shadow up and down using the arrow keys and fires at the moving aliens using the space bar.  There’s no real objective to this game apart from just shooting the aliens endlessly, but if you time your shot right, you can blast all three aliens with one shot.  Or you can cheat by holding down the space bar and the aliens will hit the line of fire.  I made the montage for the background, but the real credit again goes to the staff team of Shadow the Hedgehog.  Additional credit is given for the sprite of Shadow and the sound effects I found, wherever they came from, as they are not originally mine.

Music:  “I Am… All Of Me” performed by Crush 40
Game:  Shadow the Hedgehog
Systems:  Nintendo GameCube, Playstation2, XBox

EnglishLogoThis is my crowning achievement during my three years at my second college, the New England Institute of Art.  It’s my very own original 2D game based on an original idea of mine for my dream video game I wish to design.  Feel free to download and play it at your leisure, but remember to follow the instructions that are provided!  If you do not take following instructions seriously, you won’t stand a chance.  I designed all the visuals, but sound effects and music were provided to me and I had some help with the coding and programming.  This was the trump card of my Summer 2014 Portfolio Show for Game Art & Design, being the only real playable game that day.

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